Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Generic Structure of Recount Text

The generic structure of Recount text consist of 3 main parts which its examples are show as follows:

1) Orientation

  • Last year, I joined the one of SMAN 3 Malang annual events called Bedol Desa 2010. The event's purpose was to introduce the Bhawikarsu students of how we live in simplicity and how we respect the society.

2) Series of Events

  • The first day, we went to the location by bus.
  • We came to the village and unpacked our belonging.
  • We had a pray events in the evening.
  • On the second day, we had some exhibition games with the people there, including the football and volley game.
  • The last day, we experience what so-called the ''If I were'' or in Indonesia it's commonly named as "Jika Aku Menjadi".

3) Re-orientation

  • We were sad of leaving the village and we could not wait to join the next Bedol Desa as Bhawikarsu's annual event.

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