Friday, October 14, 2011

Example of a Simple Recount Text

A Possum in the House

Once there was a small possum that went to visit my house. The possum was very tired and hungry. He went to different places to find food, so he made a big mess around the house.

First, he went into the cupboard in the big kitchen. After that he went to the small washing basket. The possum's next stop was the study room. Here he perched on the top of the bookshelf. Next, he went to lounge and hid in the stereo. After visiting the lounge he went to the bathroom. In the bathroom he squirted all the toothpaste out. Then he hid in the toilet.

Finally, the possum went to the bedroom and slept on the bed. He looked very cute when sleeping.

Question: Can you guess the generic structure of the text above?

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Drajad said...

wuh tulisane inggris rek, menakutkan :p