Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Function of Recount Text

A recount is a text that contains of retelling events that happened in the past. A Recount Text usually uses the Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense in its content and its sequence of events told. Its generic structure are the Orientation, Series of Events, and Re-orientation. The Orientation is a part of recount text that tells the introduction of the interesting event being told. The series of event is the sequence of things that happen from the beginning until the end. Lastly, a re-orientation is the feeling and impression after doing the events.

Is there any function in using a recount text as a writing composition? The answer is Yes, there is. For those who like writing diaries, you can use the recount text to write the story. When using the recount text in dairy, you will be able to organize the writing well. Besides, you can improve the content of your diary in terms of the grammar, diction, and content. For instance, a diary is supposed to use pas tense in its writing, and in writing a recount text you have to use Past Tense and Past Continuous Tense temporarily. It means that when you already know what recount text is, you will absolutely improve the content of your beloved diary. However, when you have not known what recount text is, the diary will not be organize well and it may impact in your interest in reading it someday.

Therefore, learning a recount text is important. You can also make some articles using recount text. The articles' content will be your interesting and funny stories that may be people love. Then you can share it on web-blog so many people will get entertained and they can feel what you experienced in the past.

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